Breakthroughs 1998

A People feature about the biggest breakthrough acts of 1998. (author unknown)

Dixie Chicks (country trio)

Good ole (Spice) Girls, they aren't. But this saucy Dallas-based group of country divas with attitude (official band motto: Chicks Rule)--and authentic bluegrass chops--has brought its own dash of sass to the music world, riding their double-platinum album Wide Open Spaces into the upper reaches of the pop as well as country charts. "Ain't they somethin'?" crows country veteran Buck Owens. "You tell me where the top is and I'll tell you they can go there."

All Nashville seems to agree: It sent the Dixie Chicks--lead singer Natalie Maines, 24, and musician sisters Martie Seidel, 29, and Emily Erwin, 26--home from September's Country Music Association Awards with best newcomers and best vocal group honors. "Half the fun is going to a show and having guys say, 'Oh, God, an all-girl band,'" says Erwin. "And then blowing their socks off." The other half? Giving away their pink RV to a fan and getting chicken-foot tattoos on their ankles for every gold and platinum record or No. 1 single such as "There's Your Trouble." (They're up to three so far.) After a brief stop next spring for Erwin's wedding to Austin singer-songwriter Charlie Robison (Maines and Seidel are both already married), it's on to a four-month world tour with George Strait, and many hours logged in their new lavender bus. "We can't stay at small hotels in little towns anymore," Maines reports. "They get too excited. There's always people hanging out, and you get caught without any makeup and wearing fuzzy slippers. It kind of spoils the fantasy."

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